Thursday, September 09, 2010

Go Cal!

Hooray, Cal football had their first victory on Saturday. Of course, they were only playing UC Davis, so I can't get too excited yet. I keep hoping they'll get to go to the Rose Bowl so I'll finally have an excuse to go to the Tournament of Roses parade!!! I mean...if he can spend whatever it takes to go to the game, I can spend the small amount for a seat at the parade...right?! :-)
In honor of Cal's crushing victory, I have for you Cheerleader Marci all dressed up in her Blue and Gold! Isn't she adorable?? I truly love the old fashioned pleated skirt she's wearing...reminds me of cheerleaders when I was in school! (Not that I ever was one...I was more a jock!)
You can still get Cheerleader Marci as a digi stamp for now...but don't worry we'll have her for you in rubber in just 6 more days, on September 15th, along with all her Marci sisters!

Have you been playing with the new Marci digi stamps? Be sure to upload your creations here - you might win our Customer of the Month award - and get a free stamp! Check out all the details here!


  1. Very CUTE Jana!! I love those outfits too. Striking colors *Ü*

  2. Wow, great job Jana! Luv the colors and luv the embossing too!


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