Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prettie Wednesday...and some MFT fun!

So today is Prettie Wednesday, and everyone is posting their CASE from the Prettie Gallery. I had not officially started playing yet when Julie issued that great challenge. I do need to be working on my pastel card for Charmaine's challenge to us all last week...guess I better make sure I still HAVE pastels!!! This week, it's MY turn to issue the challenge. I love the Limited Supply Challenges on SCS because I think it's fun to have to use certain tools, here's my challenge to you (should you choose to accept it!) Create a card or scrapbook page using the following items:

1 dry embossed piece (embossing folders and texture plates count!)
2 pieces of patterened paper
3 colors of solid cardstock (this includes any neutrals you use)
4 embellishments
5 layers

So, the dry embossed piece must be one of your patterned papers or your 3 colors. And, at no point should there by more than 4 layers under a top piece of cardstock. However, if you have your base card with a second layer on may have multiple small pieces each with 2 layers under them...right? Oh...and you may use as many tools as you like. Guess this isn't so much limited as just very specific!

On to my creative share. Last week was the birthday of a very close friend of Julia. When I bought the Isabelle set from MFT it was specifically to make paper dolls for Julia and her friends. So, the first set I made was for her friend, Izabella!

I bought about 8 DVD tins from GinaK to have on hand to make these, got a package of magnetic sheet paper for your inkjet from the office supply store, and went to work. The best part was how thrilled Julia's friend was with her set of dolls...and the complete look of amazement on her face when Julia casually mentioned that I had made it. The only downside was that I still had not finished Julia's, so she was quite jealous that her friend got one before she did!! I'm still trying to get her's completed...but she's finished all the coloring, I just have a to finish decorating the front and cutting a few more things out.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Geez me Jana...I gotta take notes for this one..LOL!!! Love your paper dolls!!

  2. Ditto! I just know I'm going to mess up and use one too many or too few embellishments. But you'll forgive won't ya?! :)

    Oh - the dolls are super duper cute. I'm trying to resist ordering this set but your not helping! :)

  3. That is SO SO cute! Love your paper doll set! :)

  4. arggghhhhhh ... I am printing it out right now but I am sure I will still mess up LOL ... I can do this I can do this ... hehe.

    Love your paper dolls Jana ... too too cute!

  5. This is just the cutest thing! I wish I have a daughter or a grand daughter!


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