Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oh man...I messed up! I just went to look at the exact verbage of this week's challenge I saw that the challenge card I made was for an old challenge! Sorry Jackie!! So, what we were SUPPOSED to create is a card using red, green and kraft. The challenge I did was to create a gift/project for your favorite teacher. My dad was actually my teacher one semester of high school, and since he's one of my favoritest people ever, I guess that would count as being a favorite teacher, right?? Oh...and if you didn't get here from Julie's, head on back to Christie's so you don't miss a thing!
I made him this cool gift card holder (I'd been wanting to make one of these for a while!) We're showcasing Right on Par and Coffee Cool this week (which means they are both 40% off this week!) and since it's for my dad I used Right on Par! He's colored to look like my dad...and I think he'll love it (of course, I have to find a different gift card than a Peet's one since they don't got Peet's in Dexter, Maine!!
Keep on hopping to Jackie - and tell her again I'm sorry!!


  1. Hey, I think you did amazing!!! I didn't do the teacher gift thing so we both will be in big trouble!!!LOL

  2. Roh ruh... now I'm confused about this week's challenge! I was wondering what was going on after visiting Julie! lol! Well anyways, I think this is awesome! I love it! Gorgeous green!

  3. No worries Jana, you used mostly the same colors and this gift card is awesome! Perfect for Father's Day coming up too! Great job!

  4. This is a great card!!! Definitely perfect for Father's Day!

  5. Love this Jana! Is that flocking for the grass?


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