Thursday, October 25, 2007

NSR: Caffiene high...

Does anyone else out there react strongly to caffeine? I weaned myself off it over the summer when I thought my stomach issues were really bad heartburn and figured not drinking coffee would be better for my tum...then just continued after my surgery hoping it would also be better for my migraines. But, everyone once in a while I like to have some coffee, because I really like it. Well...while I was in California I bought myself some General Foods International Coffee drink mix, the Cafe Vienna flavor. I know it sounds like their old ad, but it really does make me think of the incredible coffee I had at our hotel in Salzburg back in May (where I had SOOOO much fun with my sisters!) So anyway...this morning I was making pfanne kuchen (ok, making is a stretch, I was warming them in the toaster oven because I bought pre-made ones from the store which are SOOOO good!) To me, these are more like crepes than true pancakes, because they are sweet. Anyway, I was making those with some nutella for Julia's breakfast (yeah, I know, real healthy, huh?) and I thought some Viennese coffee might be good with the French crepe au chocolat. So I made myself a large mug. Then, after dropping Julia at school, I thought "hmmm...another crepe might be good...and some more coffee with it!" so I made myself jut half a cup this time. However...that much caffeine was too much for my system, and now I'm so wired I can't sit still. I'm typing really fast though!! :-) LOL since my last post I've managed to fold and put away 3 loads of laundry (while starting another) sorted out the rest of the laundry (almost a week's worth...oops!) Cleaned my kitchen (which hadn't been done in too many days to admit here!) and cleaned off my dining table (since when my husband placed his magazine on it 2 days ago and it stuck he thought it might be time to be washed!) Of course, I have to have my ipod on for all this, so while doing all this I'm dancing around the house singing (my poor husband has the door to his office closed!!)

Anyway, the point of all this rambling is I'm really wired, but my hands are too jittery to stamp right now so I'm cleaning instead. I think DH will start spiking my rooibus tea with caffeine if this is the result!!

ETA: Ok, It's almost 2:30 here and I am slowly recovering from my high. Since my DH kept making Tweek references (South Park) I decided to add his picture to this post! ;-)


  1. I made us vanilla crepes slathered in Nutella as a treat this past week. I had originally had the treat in Koln and fell in love.

    Evil but so yummy. Hey Nutella is a protein, right?

    I love your blog!
    Suzy in Halifax

  2. Coffee is my drink - for some reason it doesn't affect me the way it does other people - give me a Coke though and I'm wired.

    Love all the cards!


  3. Oh man, there is no way I could give up coffee. All stereotypes about Seattle aside, I can't live without it. My hubby drinks Rooibus tea and has tried to get me hooked for years. It's just not my thing, I love my caffeine.

  4. that was me yesterday. 3 starbucks chocolate covered coffee beans and i was going all day lol!!


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