Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love and Adoration

Now...before I begin I must say, "mom, I'll make you one too if you want!!"

Ok, now on to the project. I had this heart frame from Mike's just waiting to be finished, and I thought it would be fun to make it for a photo of Julia and Jackson from Christmas time. I decided why not combine it with the MFT Guest DT challenge (a great recipe challenge!!) which was to use 1 patterned paper, 2 solid cs (and a neutral was ok) and 3 different types of embellishment.

It came together quite quickly, and I"m really excited with how well it turned out. I sponged all the various layers, and used this sweet sentiment from Clearly Sentimental About Love. I thought it was perfect with the look of complete adoration on Jackson's face in this photo.

Hope you've all enjoyed! Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. THIS! IS! AWESOME!!!! I LOOOOVE family stuffs... SO super Cute!!!! I wish I could find stuff like this at MY M's... I have scoured and scoured their aisles!!! :(

  2. Loving this...maybe making one of my own for DH's valentine!

  3. Yes - of course MoM wants one of her own. My friends come in and start looking for my newest pictures of my adorable grandchildren!! Thanks in advance! If Julia sees this, she will want that terrific pic of her and Daniel in a frame like this. Here's lots of love from Dad and Me.

  4. LOOOVE this! turned out really great.

  5. adorable!!! you better be prepared to make another!


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