Friday, May 25, 2007

Beautiful RAK from Michelle

German Phrase of the Day: Ich liebe Spargel! = I like Asparagus! It is asparagus season over here, and everywhere you go restaurants advertise their Spargel specials. So, Spargel is the first word my sisters learned of German after arriving.

This beautiful card was sent to me by my good friend Michelle. I love the paper (I use it all the time myself, and am still holding out hope that it makes the new catty!) and I'm very proud of Michelle for keeping this card relatively simple and clean. Michelle loves to make very complicated, technique heavy cards that are gorgeous...but not always easy to replicate. And she does that for swaps where she needs to make over 30 cards!! So, I think this card is absolutely perfect!! This was a thank you card for some chocolates and bling I sent to her from my trip to Spain. Thank you Michelle!! And I'm glad to see you've already started using your new bling!

Speaking of chocolates, I think I'll have to post some more Blog Bon-Bons soon...I'm getting close to 25k hits, and you've all been very patient through my recent downtimes as I'm traveling. I'll look for something fun this weekend down in Trier and over in Luxembourg. If anyone has any requests let me know!! :-)

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  1. What a great RAK! It's gorgeous. Love your new photo Jana! Have a great weekend. Hugs!!!

    P.S.: How far do you live from Trier? I definitely want to take my kids there and explore the city one day on my trip back home. Maybe you can join us so I get to hang out with you.

  2. Pretty card. Love your new photo!!! You have a beautiful family!!!



  3. So glad you liked the card! CASE'd the layout from Yvette! Love her mother's day card with that layout, and remembered you liked it too! Had lots of fun adding the bling, too. Great stuff!!! Thanks!

    The new photo is wonderful! Miss you all!


  4. Well I was goin to say "very pretty card" and then I saw Michelle cased it from me! I had no idea I was that good :o) Love the photo too.

  5. Great card!!!
    I LOVE asparagus in Dutch -> "Ik hou van asperges" :-)

    Love your new photo too!

    Maureen from the Netherlands.


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