Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday's Featured Stamper Challenge

German Phrase of the Day: Hast du einen Lieblingsschriftsteller? = Do you have a favorite author? Don't you love how Germans can just make up new words by trailing a whole bunch together? I think technically, they can create endlessly long words! To break down that last word, Lieblings would be favorite (it also means 'Darling',) schrift is handwriting and steller is job. It really makes looking words up in the dictionary challenging, because I have to look up 3 words, not just one - and you have to know where to break it down!! Speaking of authors...I've started re-reading the Harry Potter books and have come up with a theory (altho apparently I'm not the first) I think Harry is the 7th Horcrux! What do you all think?? I'm dying to talk to someone about this - someone else who is as crazy about Harry as I am! Please...write me!

So yesterday I managed to get to Sunday's Featured Stamper Challenge. I love that challenge because I LOVE to CASE other people's amazing work...and this lets me without the guilt! :-) This week's artist is just amazing! She has so many beautiful creations in her gallery it was difficult to pick one! However, I chose this card by Candy to case. And of course, I decided to make 2 since I had all the cs out!

Since I love that color combo, I couldn't change the colors, but I could easily change the set since I didn't bring Natural Beauty with me to Germany. I decided to use 2 different sets and settled on Polka Dots and Paisley for one and Spring Garden for the other - since I just LOVE that set and always forget to use it.

I had a HARD time with the ovals. Usually I'm pretty good with my coluzzle, but I was in a bad way yesterday I guess...and messed up many pieces of CS before finishing. Then...I wanted the Cool Caribbean layer to be a size between...so I needed to find my layering tool. You remember, the really cool one SU! used to sell, the little round disks you put your pencil in and trace around a shape? After searching for like 15 minutes, (on a clean desk mind you!) I finally found it in my Crafter's Tool Kit front pocket. Good place to keep it...if only I can remember! SO, then I had to cut...and I really don't cut very well by hand! Think I may have to get more punches...or perhaps re-purchase the CM cutting kit that I sold in my craft yard sale before moving. Oh well!

The thing I forget was the cool corner piece. Might go back and add it to the Polka Dots and Paisley card since there is space on that one...we'll see! Anyway...it was lots of fun to CASE this card, and I will certainly be visiting Candy's gallery more often! Hmmm...wonder if she has a blog!?! May have to go searching! :-)

Supplies: (all supplies are SU! unless otherwise noted)
Stamps: Polka Dots and Paisley, Spring Garden
CS: Basic Black, Whisper White, Cool Caribbean
Basic Black, Cool Caribbean, Certainly Celery
Acc: Coluzzle, circle punches, Textile cuttlebug embossing folder, May Arts ribbon



  1. Yes that was my thought on HP - thus in order for voldemort to die Harry has to die.... sad but I don't know how else to get around it because as long as Harry lived there is a piece of Voldemort alive - of course since Dumbledore is not dead (lol - my theory) maybe he has figured out a way around it - ohhoohh - maybe Harry can be like the Pheonix and die but then come back to life - she has been featuring the Phoenix a lot...what do you think??? You'll have to email me as soon as you have read #7 so we can discuss :o) And what about Snape? And whose initials are they??
    Oh and great cards as always!

  2. I too love Harry but really need to go back and read all the books again since I read all of them some time ago.

    Love the oval cards and the Cuttlebug background adds a nice touch! My CB is still in it's box! I've had no time to stamp at all since my b-day! Argh!!!!

  3. OMG...I couldn't even read the rest of your post after the HP thing. I have never thought of that!! I can't wait to run this but my ds who is HP crazy. So are dh and me! I've been thinking about rereading before the last book is released. I think I'll start this week! Thanks for the insight...I'll read the rest of your post now! LOL

  4. Jana, those are both beautiful! I simply love that color combo.

    I need to reread the HP books too. It's been too long. I can't wait for the new one!

  5. Ohhh duh what a good idea to re-read them! I can't wait for the next one. My oldest is even a bigger fan than me! We'll be fighting over the new book...lol. She'll win cuz I am such a sweet mom;) (and I stay up later, so I'll still get my time).

  6. I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. But I *love* the card that you made. :)



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