Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank you Julie!!

German phrase of the day: Erzahl mir von deinen Ferien = Tell me about your holidays.

Jana's German pronunciation guide: All letters are pronounced, except when a word ends in er, then you pronounce that like you're from Maine (ah) Also, a terminal e (as in Beate) gets pronounced the same way. When there is an i and an e next to each other in a word, just pronounce the second letter (opposite of English!) J=Y, W=V, V=F, and F=F, and a beginning S=Z. So (or as we now say in our household, Zo) the above phrase would be pronounced "erzahl meer fon dinen fereen" or at least that is how I would pronounce it.

WOW!! I just got the most gorgeous birthday gift in the mail from my blogging friend and fellow Mainiac, Julie Masse. She made me this amazing clip, and beautiful card which matches!! And, she just had a baby!! She must be wonder woman!! I have to admit, I did get a sneak peak at the gift. I tried not to look, but I didn't see the title of her blog post until I had already seen the photo. But, it's WAY better in person! To see all the details of how she made this, visit this post.

Thank you Julie!! And congrats on your little boy...we can't wait to see pictures!! :-)



  1. What a great birthday gift! You're one blessed friend! Have a great day.

  2. Congrats Julie on your baby boy! Beautiful gift Jana!!!

  3. Glad you liked it Jana - it was so fun to make! Boy did it get to you fast! I think the international post is faster than the USPO!! :)


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