Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Linda!!

Ok...I'm terrible at getting things in the mail. I have all the RAKs from my Bella RAK giveaway 2 weeks ago addressed and ready to go, and I have my friend Linda's card in the same pile!! I will try to get to the postbank tomorrow!

In the meantime, go shower Linda with some love for her Birthday!! Her blog is great, with lots of fun tutorials and some super creations.

So, Happy Birthday Linda!! Hope it's a great one!!


  1. Thanks Jana for the b-day wishes! Can't wait to receive one your creations in the mail.

    Oh, and I like you new pic of you and your hubby! :-)

  2. ohh me too me too, love the new photo!!!!!

    Was nice chatting with you this morning:)


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