Friday, April 25, 2008

Queen of the Grill

German Phrase of the Day: Ich bin die Königin! = I am the queen! In our household...I work the grill. My husband does not grill, much to my dismay, so if I want something cooked outside or in, I must do it myself! I was actually bummed when I saw Melanie beat me to the punch with this one...I thought I was being so clever in coming up with the idea, and then saw she came up with the same one! Oh well...guess great minds think alike, right?!? ;-)

I decided to make a tin for the Grill Queen. Perhaps she can keep her matches in it. I started with Melanie's What's In Your Tin Set 1 and kissed it with my Aida cloth background inked up with real red. Next, I stamped the grill with Palette Noir an dcolored it in with my Prismacolor pencils, blending stumps and OMS. I cut out both stamped pieces, then stamped "of the Grill!" from the King of the Grill set and then added "queen" above it from Hip Hop Accessories. To finish off the t in, I adhered some red gingham around the side of the lid. This actually came together very quickly, and I'm quite pleased with the result. Perhaps I'll save it for my Sister-in-Law when she gets here next week...she's also a Grill Queen - and VERY good at it! :-)

We're heading out in the morning at 0 dark thirty (which is REALLY early here since the sun has been rising by 5:30 lately!) Have a great Friday everyone!

Supplies: (all supplies from Stampin' Up! unless noted)
Stamps: King of the Grill , What's In Your Tin 1, & Hip Hop Accessories from GinaK Designs
, aida cloth background
CS: stamper's select white

Ink: Palette Noir, real red
Acc: Prismacolor pencils, OMS, blending stumps, red gingham ribbon, "Altoid" tin



  1. wow, the kissed laebl looks fabulous! I lvoe the idea of storing matches in it, very clever! great tin!! (high five!!)

  2. This is adorable Jana! What a cute little tin!

  3. Great gina k projects! (both this tin and the golf bag card!) I just cracked up at o'dark thirty, I thought only MY family said that. LOL!

    So nice to "see" you - miss you babe!


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