Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stamp Storage

Ok...here's my storage solution!!

I was talking with my upline last night just so giddy that my husband had finally been able to install my new CD rack over my stamping table. (He had to wait for me to clean the table off enough to pull it away from the wall!) In honor of finally have a place to PUT all of my stamp sets, I was finally labeling the clear plastic jewel cases I store the rubber in so I would know what is where. Easy to do with sets that came to Germany never having been mounted where I still had the stickers...going to be tougher for those sets that I ripped from their wooden blocks (which they really miss!) and stuck on waxed paper to get them here. Anyhow....I put the stamp set label on the spine of the jewel case, and then in a moment of actual thought, cut some cheap CS I bought for my daughter to play with into 4 3/4" squares, and stuck all the stickers on to there. Now, I can easily see what sets are inside each case (see the 2nd photo for a close up!)

I really do miss having my stamps all nicely mounted on wood. In my next post I'll demonstrate one of the problems with having to basically re-mount stamps each and every time they are used. Suffice it to say, it's a bit of a pain. However, if I truly wanted to bring the 100 or so sets that I absolutely COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT then I had to sacrifice my wood. I suppose for the good of all my stamps, wood was a small thing to give up, but I still miss it!!!

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  1. Hi Jana... It's Rachel's friend Jennifer. :) I wanted to share with you a local (to me) company that sells EZ Mount and acrylic blocks for your rubber stamps. Try www.sundayint.com . I have some of their stuff and it works great. I am moving this week and am thinking of getting rid of the wood to conserve space in my office/craft room.

    Also, love your cards. I haven't stamped in over a month since we've been packing boxes up. Sad. Hope you're enjoying it over there in Germany. Let me know if you have a personal (non-stamping) blog as well. I'd love to read it.

    Here is mine: http://jenefur.wordpress.com


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