Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flowers for mom

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday trying to get her help in identifying some of the flowers we have growing in our back garten. She said "send me a picture" so I decided I might as well share my lovely flowers with everyone!

I have no idea what these first 2 are. Anyone who knows??? The first one my husband was going to pull back in April thinking it was a weed, but fortunately he spared it. I'm glad he did. The second is a tree/bush that has grown HUGE, and we'll Have to seriously cut it back this fall.

The last 2 are Hydrangeas. At least, I think they are both hydrangeas, altho one is shaped quite differently than I am used to for Hydrangeas. It's truly one of my favorite flowers though, and we have about 5 different bushes of them here which is great since the ones I had in California never did take off that well.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my garden. I just made 2 cards for today's color challenge, so I'll post them tomorrow for you all to see! One hint...I LOVEY them! ;-)

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  1. #1 does make me think of a hollyhock blossom if they come with single petals - I am used to a more full flower. The foliage is sort of indistinguishable. Also looks like wild geranium. Will have to get my book out on that one. #2 looks like butterfly bush. Didn't you mention a beautiful black butterfly just loving it? Don't know why I didn't think of that one. They have a hard time here in Zone 3/4, but your sisters have just planted two in New Jersey (maybe for the deer!!). The hydranger types are lovely. If the textbooks are here - meaning not in Florida with half my "stuff" - may have a better answer later. X0 MoM

  2. The second is definitely a butterfly bush. They love the sun. If you want it to be more bush-like, trim it back in the fall. I love them... hubby calls it my big weed.

  3. First picture is a Hollyhock. Love them!! They take no work at all! And the second one is a Butterfly Bush! You'll be seeing lots of butterflies with both plants! Very cool!

  4. Pretty flowers, wish I had time to plant here! :) You have just the nicest mom Jana!! Love her!

  5. I didn't read hollyhock into the first picture. It doesn't look like the flowers are on one stem and it looks bushier to me. My first guess was Rose of Sharon...but it is only a guess!

  6. The first is a Lavatera, a kind of mallow. The second is a Buddleia or butterfly bush.

  7. The last picture is a lacy hydrangea. I have two bushes and they are a joy to behold all summer.


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