Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thanks Rhonda!!

German Phrase of the Day: Das ist eine tolle Idee. = This is a great idea. I had a Shadow sighting last night...but she wouldn't come in. Makes me wonder what we did to make her not want to come home?! Hopefully once she gets hungry she'll come back. Until then...I keep going out and calling for her hoping she'll just be lonely and want some attention.

Today's card is a beautiful Blogger RAK I got rom Rhonda over at I love Rhonda's's so much fun! Be sure to check it out!!

I love this card...partially because it is a set I always admired but never bought. And it's perfect for a quilter such as she!! The base card is with a lovely textured paper, and the gold metalic layer is way cool...could use it as wrapping paper on a very special package!

I finally finished up my PaperTreyInk contest entry and hope to get the photos to Nicole before it's too late! I'll share what I did a little later if Ihave time to write it up...maybe after bedtime.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



  1. Great card, love that stamp. Sure Shadow will decide to come inside soon.

  2. you're welcome Jana!

    i think shadow is having too much fun outside lol. hopefully she changes her mind soon


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