Sunday, March 16, 2008

"German" chocolate cake you all know how German Chocolate Cake got it's name? I sure didn't, but one of my readers does (Thanks Pat!!) and gave me this link. It's quite an interesting story.

And related...Beate has now turned me onto another kind of cake, Donauwelle (which means Danube waves, right Beate?) which sounds amazing. I found a recipe that looks do-able, so I'll let you all know what I think! If you want to try it to, check it out here.

ETA: Beate has declared using boxes of mix "Yucky" so I guess I'll have to be brave and use her recipe from scratch! I'll let you all know how that goes! :-)

Ok...back to my Travel Agent job! ;-) I've got flights, trains & hotels to book! Oh...and I promised a glimpse of our upcoming travel schedule so here it is:

March 20-24 Venice, Italy
April 10-13 Rome, Italy
April 18-20 Wine Trip through Germany Mosel Valley and France Champagne areas
April 26-May 3 Spain, Barcelona to Seville and Gibraltar with many stops along the way
May 6-8 "Girls" trip to Paris with mom and sisters
May12-18ish Birmingham, England, possibly also down into Southern England
May 22-25 trip with my honey - dunno where yet!
May 26-June 1 Provence, Geneva and Strasbourg or Freiburg with my parents
June 6-7 Netherlands with friends
June 10-12 Paris with friends
June 14-21 MAYBE Souther England...still working this one out.

SO, as you can's going to be a little insane in the Weaver household. And add to that, we're MOVING back to the states in August (hopefully) so Julia can start at a US Kindergarten when all the other kids do. Phew...I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!! ;-) Don't feel too sorry for me though, because you know I"ll be having a blast.

Oh...and I've decided I need to try digiscrapping so I can get all these electronic photos into books. Anyone have any advice on the best way to get started?? I'd love any links you all have!



  1. Oh...your spring sounds like fun!

    But you can't use that recipe. You need to use the German recipe. No box, no vanilla pudding mix. YUCKYYYYY!!!!! Do you have a German scale? If so, I can email you the German recipe (translated of course).

  2. Oh my goodness I'm green with envy!! All that travel looks fantastic!!! :)

  3. Hi Jana
    As you know, German Chocolate Cake is my very favorite! And what is weird, I did know that it was invented by an Englishman named "German" ... but I don't remember where I learned that. Anyway, now that you posted your dates, I know where to look when I want to know where you are!
    Love, Us

  4. wow,I wanna be your travel buddy!

  5. You've gotta do Greece with hubby! How romantic!


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