Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Krafty Orchid Shadows?

German Phrase of the Day: Wir moechten heute wandern gehen. = We would like to go hiking today. I feel like I've been hiking - since Phil had a meeting in Belgium I've had to walk 4 round trips to kindergarten today! PHEW!!

Today's color challenge was Krafty Orchid Shadows? I think it's more likely Carole's been smoking the sage with some Opulance in there!!! Ugh...if ever there was a color combo NOT made for me, I think this is it! But, that's what makes it a challenge, right??

In between booking a week's worth of hotels in Spain and cleaning my bathrooms, I managed to squeeze 30 minutes in to get a card completed. WOOHOO!! Since I just got my new Kitchen Sink 3-Step Honey Bunny (Julie's been enabling again!), I figured this was as good a time as any to try them out!

I started with the daisy. This Gerbera Daisy is what convinced me to break down and buy this set. I love bunnies, don't get me wrong, but in California I had the BEST Gerbera Daisies....they just kept getting bigger and bigger every year. I really miss the wonderful garden's we had there, and know that when we move back (which it's looking like we will be back in California) whatever house we find to rent is just not going to compare to the one we sold. Oh well. Back to the card!

I stamped the first layer by first stamping off with Orchid Opulence twice. Then for the second layer, I only stamped off once...and then I stamped the 3rd layer full strength. Finally, I did the 4th layer with Elegant Eggplant stamped off once. I didn't do a great job lining things up (remember, I was working against the clock here) but I think it still looks great. Next, I stamped the greeting for the stem (they show an adorable sample of this on the back of the packaging, so I wasn't being original at all!!) Then, I stamped in the grass. Again, I stamped the first layer off once (Sage Shadow ink) then the 2nd layer full strength, then the third layer with Handsome Hunter. This has got to be one of the coolest looking grass stamps I have ever seen! I actually did it three times across the bottom so it would fill the whole width.

When I was done stamping my focal piece, I then stamped the Kraft layer with my linen background and creamy caramel ink, sponged the edges a bit, then slapped it on my orchid opulence base card. I slid some lavender organdy ribbon underneath the kraft layer, and pulled both sides up through a slit punched in my focal layer to tie a bow. And, Ich wurde beendet! (I was finished!)

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow for Prettie Wednesday, then I"ll be silent for a few days while we're in Venice! But I promise to share pictures when we get back!! :-)

Supplies: (all supplies are SU! unless otherwise noted)
Stamps: 3-Step Honey Bunny by Kitchen Sink Stamps, linen background stamp

Creamy Caramel, chocolate chip, orchid opulence, sage shadow, handsome hunter, elegant eggplant
CS: Stamper's Select White, Kraft, Orchid Opulence
Acc: lavender narrow organdy ribbon



  1. What a GORGEOUS card, Jana! I LOVE the colors! :)

  2. Jana!! This is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! LOVE the colors and the depth you got - it just looks amazing!! :) Gotta go tell Maria! :)

  3. Gorgeous!! I love Germany..both of my girls were born there many moons ago!! I'm so glad you can get your stampin' fix from Maria! This is wonderful!!

  4. Sehr schön!!! Ich liebe die Farben!

  5. Jana you pulled this off wonderfully! LOL @ Carole's choices! I struggled big time with them too! Your card is gorgeous though!! Fantastic stamps!
    Hope all your travels bring many great things to you! How fun!

  6. Oh, so beautiful! Love the colors you chose!

  7. This is so gorgeous! Why in the world didn't I think of stamping off when I tried out my stamps???? Beautiful card - talk about enabling. I have to have this set now!


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