Monday, June 23, 2008

hallo from im krankenhaus!

I've got Internet!!! I'm using a German keyboard which is a little tricky, but otherwise all is good. The surgery this morning was quick, and the doctor said I'm all closed up now, so this little baby should be all set for 5 more months. :)

I'm especially excited that now I can catch up on my google reader stuff...I was getting behind again!

I won't be able to share any photos while here, but at least I can type and get email. I hope everyone is having a great week, and I'll be back to share my im krankenhaus experiences. (Krankenhaus is hospital in case you don't remember!)

Bis sp├Ąter!



  1. well, welcome back to bloghood. I'm glad to know all is well for the moment. Hugs!!

  2. So happy to hear that all went well!! And thanks for playing my tag!!

  3. So glad to hear you both made it through safely! Get lots of rest!! :)


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