Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday card from Sher

German Phrase of the Day: Bedien' dich! = Help yourself! Like, help yourself to some cake!! :-)

Isn't this the coolest card?? I love how it came inside this cute little sleeve. My friend Sherri Retton made this for me. We were Diva Swap Sisters this last month, and she sent me 4 amazing creations which I'll show you while I'm traveling. This first she claimed is because she's sure she forgot my birthday (since she was a little busy in April having a new baby!) and I'm so glad she did. I just LOVE it!!! Definitely an idea I will have to CASE. And there's some sparkle on's just really hard to see. I've included 2 inside the sleeve and one out so you can see just how cool it really is.

Julia and I are headed to the airport in another 30 minutes. California here we come! Right back where we started from. Which is true. We're going "home" to the area we lived in and haven't been to in a whole year! We're so excited to see so many of our friends that we've been missing!

Hope you all have a great Monday. Oh yeah...I already ordered my new MFT stamps this morning...LOVE that new jungle set. If you haven't checked them out yet, you must!!!


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  1. Oh I am so excited!!!!! I always check out your blog every AM and I am featured. That made me feel sooooo good! THANKS Jana!
    Stampin' Hugs,


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