Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Jana...

There's nothing better than listening to the ocean, and looking out over that intense expanse of blue. Julia loves the beach, and playing in the sand...and when she can get someone to go with her - the ocean! I am now sitting up on our balcony overlooking the ocean at our wonderful hotel here in Wikj an See called Het Hoge Duin. The photo of Julia is from when we were here in March (I don't have my card reader so can't put any photos on hubby's laptop right now!)

Last night, we ate in town at a restaurant called "Little Switzerland" and it was fantastic!! We had some cheese fondue and mixed grill which included 2 different shish kabobs (one chicken, one pork) some grilled fillet of beef, the most amazing spare ribs I've ever tasted, and of course the sides of veggies, a salad, and fries. Oh, I was in heaven!! So nice to eat good food again after last week!!!

Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know we're having fun, and I'm getting my stamp sets all ready so that when we get home I can start stamping! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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