Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some recent RAK's are those promised RAK's. This first is from Allison who stamps when she can! Seems to me she does a gosh darn good job of it too!
Isn't this beautiful?? The red paper is velvety, and SOOO wonderful to touch! I just love it!!

This second card is from my fellow Mainiac (even if she is a transplant!) Julie Masse. I love all of Julie's work, and she just got on the Paper Pretties Design Team!! Whoo Hoo Julie!!! Thanks girl!
I love the stickles on the little bee...he just sparkles!! Totally made my day. :-)

Ok, we're off to The Netherlands to hang at the beach for the weekend. Wish me clear skies and sunshine, because the current forecasts are calling for rain!! I'll try to post when I return home on Monday!

Huggs to all, and Happy Labor Day Weekend to those who are stateside! Have a hamburger (or better yet, BBQ Rib!) for me!!



  1. You have to share the recipe for the pork tenderloin & berry sauce!
    It sounds wonderful!
    Ilene B.

  2. Glad you got the card Jana and mostly that you're feeling well!! Have a fun time at the beach! :)


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