Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Viewmaster from April

German Phrase of the Day: Kannst du bitte etwas lauter reden? = Could you please talk a little louder? Usually I'm asking people to speak more slowly since that is the problem I usually have!!

Here is a card I got from one of my Diva pals, April. She did such a great job with the viewmaster card for our one on one swap. I love the images she stamped in the opening, and the paper and everything! Thanks so much April...I love it!!

So, tomorrow is the big day. When I type to you all again on Saturday I will be minus one gallbladder. So, think happy thoughts for me Tuesday night/Wednesday morning US time!



  1. Good luck with the surgery! Hope it all goes well!

  2. Jana - thinking of you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery too! Take care -

    Beth (mommy to a busy 4-yr old!)


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