Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home again...

Well, my trip to Turkey has been canceled, or at least, postponed. I spent the last 24+ hours in the hospital over here due to Gall stones. Seems I'll be having an operation while here in Germany, so that should be interesting. You really learn a lot about a culture being stuck in a hospital, and only able to sort of communicate with your doctors. I was allowed to come home for the rest of the weekend, so long as I don't eat anything beyond dry toast and water or tea. Then back to Hospital on monday for more tests...and scheduling of surgery.

So...Guess that means I might get some time to stamp this weekend, huh?? ;-) And for sure when I go back to the hospital, I'm packing my stamping stuff so I don't go too insane sitting there. Thought I'd go bonkers last night after I finished the book I had brought (not expecting to be stuck at the hospital) before my hubby showed up with a new book and the dvd player with some movies. .

So, today's German Phrase of the Day is: Ich bin im Krankenhaus. = I am in hospital. I love how the word krank is sick in German. Gives you new insight into the word cranky!! :-)

Oh, and the card today is one I did for my recent customer newsletter. I got the colors from one of the Dirty Dare's on SCS, and the technique is the Emerging Color technique Beate recently did for the SCS newsletter. I used a few more stamp sets than I usually like to for this card, Pick a Petal, In the Spotlight, Little Pieces and Carte Postale. Phew! But, it was loads of fun to do!!

Hope you like it...and I'll keep you all posted on my medical adventures in German!!

Supplies: (all supplies are SU! unless otherwise noted)
Pick a Petal, In the Spotlight, Little Pieces and Carte Postale
Whisper White, glossy white, more mustard, tempting turquoise, Wild Wasabi
more mustard, tempting turquoise, Wild Wasabi, purely pomegranate
Acc: turquoise grosgrain, small and large tag punches, sponge, crimper



  1. Oh, poor thing! Glad you're looking for the adventure side of your experience though - you'll come thru with flying colors! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

  2. Oh Jana! So sorry about the gall stones! I know those aren't fun and getting surgery? Not fun at all! Hope everything goes well. I will miss my daily German lesson, so get well quick!

  3. What awful timing!!! Take it easy after your surgery! I had mine out about 5 years ago.... felt so much better afterwards!

  4. Wishing you a positive Krankenhaus experience! It sounds like your husband will be an excellent caregiver for you. I hope it all goes well!

  5. Oh yuck! Poor you - hope all goes quickly and uneventfully and you can get back to your stamping quickly :o) Keep us posted.

  6. Oh Jana sorry to hear of your troubles!! Take care, get some rest and keep us posted! I'll say a prayer for your quick recovery!! Oh - love the card!! :) Big hugs!! Julie

  7. Oh no! Poor you! I am sorry you have to go back into the hospital.
    I had Rebecca in a German hospital. They were nice, but boy....they kept me in there for a lot longer then the 24 hour deal you get in the US.
    Take lots of books. HUGS!!!

  8. Ohhhh sweetie, that is sooooo not nice. I am sending LOTS of hugs!!! I hope it goes as well as it can. Wish I was closer...I'd come visit & help out. I will be in touch to see how you are doing.



  9. Oh my, doing the hsopital and doctor thing aboard must be challenging for sure! Hope they fix you up and you will be back in full swing! Cute card! Deb

  10. Ack! So sorry to hear about must be very disconcerting to be in a hospital in a foreign country...even if you live there.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Shawn K.

  11. You're going to Turkey?? I was there in May with my husband and mother-and brother-in-law. It was AWESOME. Don't know if you've been before, but people there are so friendly and the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market are FUN.
    Feel Better and GO!

  12. So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'm sure you will be just fine, I know several people who have had that kind of surgery and they came thru if with flying colors. Speedy recovery!!


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