Monday, August 20, 2007

Another card from a friend

German Phrase of the Day: Sie redet zu viel. = She is talking too much. That is something folks could say about me at times, and more recently, about my daughter! I swear there are times she talks just to hear herself! And, when she's speaking in German, I don't even know what she's saying half the time.

This beautiful card was from my great friend and downline Michelle. She makes such beautiful cards. And always lots of work! I love this little ladybug made with the pick a petal set...she's just so darned cute! And the little trail...adorable! She sent me this card along with some fun stuff...tabs for me to attach to my catalog to separate the sections, and some retired rubber from last year's hostess section. Thank you Michelle!! You are the bestest! Mwah!


PS Yesterday, and some today I have been cleaning my stamping space. I just have to finish clearing off my desk, and I'll be done. If/when I finish, I'll take a photo to share with you all! Till then, no more stamping!! :( Gotta get this place cleaned up!!!


  1. That is absolutely adorable! Sounds like you got a great friend in your downline.

  2. Wow Jana-

    You have some really great inspiration on here! I discovered you blog this weekend by reading Tracy's blog. So today I'm sharing you on my blog. Tag your it!!



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