Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stempel Mekka!!!

German Phrase of the Day: Ich bin so hungrig. = I am so hungry. And I was very hungry earlier today because I went to Stempel Mekka, and was so excited to be looking at stamps, paper, ink, and embellishments that we forgot to eat lunch until almost 3 o'clock!

The Stempel Mekka was fantastic. Just like going to a stamp and scrap expo back home in the states! There was a Judykins booth, booths for several stores here in Germany and in the Netherlands, and even a few other American companies. The cute Dutch stamps that Allison was talking about on her blog last week were there (see the second photos with the samples up high) And there was even some REALLY cool new ultrathick embossing enamel made in the UK that was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I'll be making something with that this week to post here for you all to see.

Sorry I don't have any new samples for you all today, but I promise to show off some of my purchases throughout the week.

Hope you all had a great Sunday!


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