Friday, March 05, 2010

I am OUTTA here!

Hi everyone...I have more cards to share but they'll have to wait until Sunday night or Monday morning. I'm heading to Wine Country (Sonoma area) with a girlfriend for some seriously needed R&R (and some wine tasting of course!) We used to go twice a year back in the day, but haven't been since before I moved to Germany in '06 (unless you count visiting the Mosel River Valley and the Champagne region of France when I was pregnant and couldn't drink!!)

So, needless to say this is long overdue. Please send happy thoughts to my Dear, Sweet, Wonderful AMAZING husband as he deals with a not-yet-weaned 17-month old who is very attached to his mommy and has never been away from her for more than 6 hours. But, I know all will be fine.

Oh...and I rented Bottle Shock for us to watch in the hotel tomorrow night - anxious to see Snape not as Snape! ;-)

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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