Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Panty Card

German Phrase of the Day: Niemand hat gesagt, dass es einfach sei. = Nobody said it would be easy. What a fantastic phrase, and appropriate for today. I was so SHOCKED, when I saw Gina's blog this morning. I mean...that's my card she posted. I really couldn't believe it! You can read about the process I went through designing the card over here, but I have to admit, I was really proud of that one! And to see it on Gina's blog was just so thrilling to me. The funniest part is, when I wrote the post with it for my blog, I actually wrote "Since I don't think I got onto Gina's team" in part of the post because I was CONVINCED at that point that she must have contacted everyone and I just hadn't made the cut. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Here's another of my VSN cards. My husband just left today so I can start stamping again - and will therefore have more new stuff to show soon. In the meantime, this was for a challenge issued by one of my fellow GinaK design team members Frances, AKA Stampowl. She challenged us all to make a Panty card. I didn't want to make one in the shape of a panty (although they were VERY cute) so I pulled out my Thanks for Your Support set created by Langley Boy Designs and manufactured by GinaK. It's such a fun, tongue in cheek set - which I LOVE! I stamped the panties with Rose Red ink on Rose Red paper, then stamped the greeting wtih Rose Red ink on Whisper White paper and cut it out. I cut the strip of designer paper from some Cutie Pie paper I had on my desk, then added the ribbon with the buckle. Then, I decided it needed something for the inside, so I stamped the Just Deal with it from the same set and added the ampersand from my SU! Big Deal alphabet set. I mounted it on some Old Olive prints designer paper and voila! Completed card!!

Ok, off to stamp some! DH left this morning, so now I have more "free time" to stamp! I loved getting to have some time with him in a relaxed atmosphere where he didn't have to work, but I'm also happy to get some time for just me again where I can stamp. Aren't grandparents a wonderful thing?!?! :-D



  1. Such a cute card!! So excited for you and Gina K! You'll do wonderful things I'm sure!! :)

  2. You go girl!! How awesome to have your card profiled like that, of course, it should be because it was gorgeous!

    Have a great trip!

  3. Ok, so you have to make me one of the Big Girl Panties cards so I can send it to our friend Leslie. That is her phrase!
    Oh, and guess where I had lunch today?!? You're favorite burger place - In & Out! I even had a chocolate milkshake, but not nearly as good as Cheeseburger Cheeseburger.
    Anyway, waiting for my flight from LAX - EWR. See you in just 2 days!!!

  4. I read Gina K's blog and smiled when I saw that she used you for an example!
    I HAVE to get the Big Girl Panties stamp! That's a favourite saying of my 24 yo DD- if I gave her a card with that on it, she would actually be dumbfounded for once! :-)


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