Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I make somebody Smile! :-)

It's been a great (but busy) day...I got tagged by my friend Yvette with a You Make Me Smile badge. How cool and sweet is that? And I got 4 (yes FOUR!) new stamp sets in the mail today. The 2 Hanna stamps sets, and my 2 MFT sets that I ordered on Thursday morning before leaving for Istanbul. Can you say SPEEDY??? WOW Kim, that was AMAZINGLY fast!! Thank you...gotta play tonight, that's for sure!!

So, for the You Make Me Smile Award, I get to tag some folks of my own! All of my readers make me smile...so if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!! This blog has been such a wonderful thing for me - it's really helped keep me connected to the crafting world through our relocation to Europe. I love living over here, and it's been a wonderful experience, but I truly would have missed all the cool things, and the joy of sharing my creations with others if it weren't for blogging! So, thank you all for coming and validating me!! ;-)


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