Monday, January 28, 2008

Cool IKEA light...

Ok Ladies...can you imagine getting to alter this??? It's like having an acrylic paint can with a light in the middle!! how cool is that!?! I didn't see it on the US side, so it may be a Europe only kind of thing. If I knew for sure my husband could re-wire it I'd consider buying it anyway. In the photo in the little catalog I just got it has different kinds of balls around the outside - but you could do almost anything with it!!

Oh...and in this same catalog they have some beautiful glass vases with white designs on them. Can't wait to get my new SU! rub-ons and try that out with a few vases I have here. I think they'll make fabulous gifts for folks as we're leaving!

Anyway...just had to share. Don't forget the party tonight!!! Oh...and stick around til I get up...I have something VERY funny to share with you all! ;-)

Bis spaeter! (until later)


  1. its different looking forward to seeing what you do with someting like that

  2. Jana, I saw this at Ikea here in Canada last week...thought it was cool but all I could think of was the dust that would gather at the bottom and having to get up to clean it now and again...but altering it??...have to say it didn't come to mind at the time..LOL


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