Friday, January 11, 2008


German Phrase of the Day: Heute abend kommen meine Freunde zu Besuch. = My friends are coming for a visit tonight. Right my living room...through my computer! Yup...we're having a party tonight, and you're all invited!!

Tonight is THE night. Oh my gosh...I am so excited, and I can't even tell you how amazed you all are going to be. I can't show you the cards I was making this least...not yet. But tonight?! Oh yeah baby!!! (and I haven't even had any caffeine today!)

So, here are the deets:

You’re Invited to Our First Ever “Prettie Party”
When: Friday, January 11, 2008 at 7pm CST
Where: in the forum of our new website.

Please note, you’ll need to register as a user to the site, so please stop by a little early to make your way into the Forum. All you need to do is click on “register” below the member’s login. If you’ve already registered then you just log in and head to the forum!

Once in the Forum, look for “Parties” and we’ll all be meeting there at 7pm CST - that's 2am Saturday morning for us Europeans - don't worry...I'll have caffeine then!

Who: Everybody who loves to stamp!
Why: To celebrate our big announcement: There will be games, prizes, we’ll announce a customer submission contest, and LOTS of fun!!

In the meantime, the final clue has been posted by Christie, all the other Prettie Girls Charmaine Julie, me, Joanne and Jillian have also posted clues this week. Be sure to collect all the clues to register for the grand prize! Unscramble each of the clues, and re-arrange them to provide a complete sentence. Your final answer is due by 5 pm CST to

Stop by at 7pm CST to see what it is that we’ve been searching for all week and to see if you’ve won the grand prize!!

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