Saturday, January 19, 2008

Card by Julia (my daughter!)

German Phrase of the Day: Was sind deine Hobbies? = What are your hobbies? My wonderful 5 year old daughter Julia has many hobbies. Gymnastics, dancing, rollerblading, playing barbies / vet / legos / animals / you name it! But one hobby we share is crafting. I love it when she says to me "Mommy, can we go upstairs and do a craft together?"

On Friday afternoon we did that, and she wanted to make a special card. We have a good friend turning a significant age this month, and Julia thought it would be fun to make her a card. She wanted to use one of my MFT stamps, and she chose the women at the cafe. Next, she wanted a cake, on the cake plate. Once everything was stamped on the paper, she took it to her own desk to color and cut out. Then, she chose a color for the card base and I cut it for her, and she selected some ribbon and attached it herself! When she was done she was very pleased with herself and said "Mommy, I really want you to put this on your blog." I mean, how could I resist? She's quite irresistible when she's being cooperative (and I got 2 cards done while she worked on that - of course, I can't show them yet...sorry!) So, here is Julia's card - I even made her her own watermark! She would LOVE it if some of you left comments for her!

And now, since it is quarter past midnight and I have been awake since 5:30 am, I am going to bed. My friend Karin and I finished 2 of last nights challenges before heading to Pipoos and running other errands (she slept in lucky girl!) and then we just did the first 6 of Saturday's challenges. Phew... I'm tired! We have 10 more to do before she leaves Monday afternoon, so I think we'll be busy tomorrow!!Goodnight!!


  1. Yea I'm first!! What a beautiful card you made Julia! I LOVE it and it's even more special because you did it yourself!! Next time you come to Maine you'll have to come and stamp with my 2 daughters, they would love it! :)

  2. Julia, Any one would love to receive a card like yours. It's perfect! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your cards.

    Jannette D.

  3. Hugs to you Julia, I know that our special friend in Massachusetts who is going to have a great big birthday next week is going to love it. You certainly did a SUPER job making it. Maybe we will get to craft together in 2 weeks when you get here to Florida!!! I will be so Happy to hug you in person. XO XO XO XO
    ,,, as high as the moon, and back again!!!! NANA

  4. Julia- I love your card! The pink was a good choice. You are a super stamper!

  5. christie ortman1/19/2008 08:17:00 PM

    What a beautiful card Julia, I love the coloring and the ribbon! I can't wait to see what you do with our little Sophia.

  6. Julia, you are a very talented young lady! It is so good that you love to stamp with your mommy. Your friend will love your card and it will be so special to her because you made it yourself. I am anxious to see more of your work, Sweetie


  7. Julia, you made such a cute card! I'm glad to see you are having fun crafting with your mom.

  8. Hi Julia
    We actually were with Judy today visiting your cousin Camden - so I pulled up the blog and read it to everyone including Judy and then showed her the picture using my blackberry. We are all quite impressed. Nice job!
    Aunties Flo & Nancy

  9. Dear Julia, Aunties showed me your card today. What a great job you did and I am so pleased that you thought of me. How did you know I love Pink? Zoe is barking at me as she wants some attention. I think she is hungry. Time to feed her. Thank you so much for designing your card. Love & kisses, Judy

  10. Oh my goodness Julia. You have made a very pretty card. I love the cake that you added and I also love the ribbon! Keep stamping.



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