Monday, March 19, 2007

Bellas are IN the Haus!

My Bellas arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited...but before I can even stamp with them, I have to tell you all the funniest story.

Most days the post arrives while we are all eating lunch. Because my husband works from home when not traveling, and because he often has evening phone calls with California, we eat our main meal of the day at lunch time (around 12:45-1pm) and then have a lighter meal in the evening.

So today, we're sitting at the table and I hear the post being dropped in our little box. My daughter loves to get the mail, so she looks to me for an ok before running over to the post box which is right next to our front door.

She opened the box, took out the mail, and didn't return. Finally I asked her to bring the mail over - hopeful at this point that it would be something fun for me! As she carries over a padded envelope she says "Mommy's stampin' Bellas arrived!" with a big grin.

My husband says "What?" and she repeats her previous statement. Finally, I asked for the package so I could see. did she know?? There are no bellas stamped, just Emily's adorable logo on her return address label. Now I'm caught! I should know better than to let her get the mail when I'm expecting something craft related to arrive soon - but I really didn't think they would arrive so quickly!

My husband looks over at the package and says "Is this something from Stampin' Up!?" to which I explain "no...a different stamp company" trying hard not to catch his eye to see the accusation of "and how much did THIS cost?" there.

Oh well...I was caught "cheating" and spending more money on craft stuff instead of saving it for traveling. Guess we need a "guiltybella" now! :-) to paint on my Tack-it to these beauties so I can get them nice and dirty - and post a card for you all!



  1. HA! This is why I get the mail and the UPS man comes while the hubby is at work. ;) Of course, I DO have a "no spending" rule for myself.....;)

  2. You are too funny! I have to confess, I stopped coloring my hair (now completely white) to have more money for stamps! I kid you NOT!

  3. Okay - don't laugh... I have been wanting to get some Bella's after seeing them everywhere but I am scared by the unmounted stamp thing -so help me Jana, help me, so that I can join the fun and be a stamping Bella too!

  4. lol...that is too funny. My kids are super bad when they are shopping with me. My middle daugher will blurt out during dinner "dad, did you know mom spent $100 at Michaels today" I am trying to nudge her under the table she looks over & gives me this lost look. The only spending I do that he really doesn't know is SU as I enter it all together as club so it's a big order (thank goodness). I am sure we can all relate to your story...thanks for sharing!

  5. Too funny how we all try to hide this stuff. My hubby saw my bella package and said, "That doesn't look like SU!". Oh well! They're just so darn cute, I couldn't resist. Just ordered some more, I'll have to get the mail while he's at work!


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