Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blog Bon Bons Winner....

There were some really great book suggestions from reading list has grown considerably - thank you!!

A few that stuck out were, of course, the Harry Potter books. I'll admit something to you all, I LOVE those books, and I've probably read the first one 4 times by now. I now have all the British versions (yes, they translate them into "American English" for us Yanks, so now I'm going to re-read the whole series in it's original form) to read before the final book comes out this summer. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to be in London for the release of the last book in July. Shouldn't be too hard!! :-) And for you Harry Potter fans out there, I just finished an amazing trilogy called "The Black Magician Trilogy" by Trudi Canavan. These books are all the size of HP book 5, and I finished the lot in just 5 days. Granted, I didn't stamp those 5 days, but I just couldn't put the books down!!! And Yvette, she's an Aussie!

A funny coincidence is that a couple of people mentioned the Phillipa Gregory books (including the winner!) and I just got 3 of them on hubby's last trip to the States. I'm starting with the Constant Princess (just started) and will try to read in chronological order from there.

Oh...and last thing to mention is several folks mentioned Stephen King. If you've read my profile you can see I grew up in Maine. Actually, I grew up in Bangor, a few miles from his home (everything in Bangor is only a few miles from everything else) and my father actually taught his son high school math. So, needless to say, I've read MANY of his books and also love his ability to suck the reader in.

Ok...enough about books! The winner is (by a drawing of all names out of a Tupperware dish)

Sharon who wrote:

There is a rather funny mystery by Sharon McCrumb (I enjoy most of her books) called St. Dale. Its about NASCAR racing.

Another interesting book, non fiction, is The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Caldwell

A few others, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Constant Princess, The Boelyn Inheritance.

So Sharon, please email me your snail mail address and tell me what color flower you would like so I can get you your bon bons as quickly as possible! :-)

Oh, and lastly, I wanted to say I laughed out loud when I read what Cindee had written " I struggle stamp? read? stamp? read? stamp???? Just not enough time in a day!" because I have that exact struggle once I've started a good book. I seem to get on a roll with either reading or stamping - can you tell which side I've been on lately?? :-)



  1. Jana....I missed that you asked the reading question for your givaway. What a great idea. I LOVE to read. The bad thing when I start a new book. I do nothing else. Since I have started my blog I haven't touched a single book! I like Thrillers, Romance, Harry Potter series, Eragon and Eldest.
    Since having two boys that like to read, I sometimes read their books. And I like them!

  2. Okay so I will have to look up that trilogy - got to support the Aussie writers :o) I second that Bolyen Girl series - it was very good and Earagon and Eldest are also very good - very similar to Lord of the Rings but good anyway. I am afraid I am constantly in the middle of 3 books and read at every opportunity - it helps a lot having to sit at my older daughters dance lessons and in the carpool lane at school for my younger daughter - that's probably where I get most of my reading done. Happy reading!

  3. Hi Jana! Thanks for such a wonderful blog and your fun giveaway! I've added "The Black Magician" Trilogy to my book list although I don't know if mentally I'll be able to deal with no stamping for 5 days straight! But I can't give up my reading either! I don't know how you do it with having this blog on top of it all!! You are truly amazing! I also wanted to say I LOOOVE those flowers you made with the big blossom. They look beautiful in the pictures so I can only imagine what they look like IRL! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  4. Congrats to the winner!

    I had to look up your book recommendation because both my husband and son love "Junebug". My son's 13th bday is this coming August and he is in the love of "reading" stage vs. watching tv, so I must get that book.


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