Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Bon Bons Winner 2nd Try!

Ok...I'm really hungry for something sweet right now. Think I'll have to stop at the Backerei while I'm out running errands this afternoon and pick up a shokocroissant!

The winner is....
Susie who said...

I had never heard of whoopie pies until I moved here to PA 4 years ago.... can't go anywhere now without seeing those yummy devils food like cakes with delicious cream of peanut butter filling in the middle!

My favorite treat is chocolate lava cake with real whipped cream on top ~ decadent & fattening but oh so yummy!

Susie, please email me your snail mail address and what color you would like your blossom to be and I"ll get right to work!

So..if anyone would like to order whoopie pies, I just found this website for a woman in Maine who sells them mail-order. This photo is from her website, and it looks like the perfect traditional whoopie pie to me. If you'd like a recipe on how to make them with a cake mix, just search on google...SUPER easy! I just love them!!

Anway, thanks everyone for sharing your favorite treats...and I think I"ll have to try this Banoffee Waffle...sounds yummy!! :-)


  1. You can bet I'm going to be searching for the whoopie pie recipe! Hope they will turn out like the ones you make.

    Like your picture on the blog!!!


  2. Ok I have to tell all you ladies out there, if you want to try Whoopie Pies, Jana's link to Wicked Whoopies is the best!!! They are world renown, have been on Oprah, enough said??? I live in Maine and we see these everywhere - go ahead, try one! :)

  3. OMGoodness! There is not a better dessert in the world than a whoopie pie! My mom used to make the BEST ones, and seeing that pic is REALLY making my mouth water!

  4. my Grandmother used to make these for my mom but they were just called chocolate cake cookies. I have made them without the filling and they are great that way too. I love getting out the old stained recipe book from my Grandmother's Methodist church and making these.

  5. I sent you an e-mail ~ I am so thrilled !! Thank you so much Jana for my first blog candy win !!

    Now I have got to get my hands on a Banoffee Waffle ~ it sounds heavenly!


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