Friday, March 23, 2007


Hello Ladies. I have to gloat! I am the proud owner of an ORIGINAL Beate Johns quarterly meeting once!) and have greatly admired her work for as long as I can remember card. I can't believe it!!! Before you think I'm being smug and sassy, I have a confession to make. I worship Beate Johns, and have silently done so from afar for many years now. Just ask my upline, or my downline, or my sideline even, and they will confirm. I've been CASEing her for years (and in fact one of those "Beate Inspired" cards won a card contest at my up, up, upline'svisiting SCS and the gallery over on SU!'s demo website. So, to me, getting a card from Beate is like a devout Catholic getting a letter from the Pope himself! (well, ok, maybe a card from Shelli would rank up there, but you know what I mean!!) If you haven't visited Beate's blog (but really, who hasn't visited Beate's blog??) then get over there right now! It's AMAZING!!!

Anyway, here is the WONDERFUL card I got!! Isn't it adorable?? And I make her smile?! Oh...I'm just so giddy I can't help it. Please don't blush too much Beate...I just can't help it! And really, I'm not a stalker, I promise! :-)

Ok, enough gushing. I just can't seem to help myself! Maybe I'll frame the card to hang in my stamp you think that's over the top?

Ok, sorry if I embarrassed you Beate, but I figured I really did need to come clean and admit to my hero-worship. Thank you for the card. And thank you for always being an inspiration to me!!! :-) And don't worry...I'll eat more than enough bread and chocolate for the both of us!!!


  1. this is an adorable tribute to your hero, and it made me smile, thanks!

  2. You are so sweet Jana! (says a all blushed me) I love YOUR work and check your blog daily!

    I am glad you liked this little guy! I really liked this card and knew I had to send him to someone very special!

    Oh...the bread and chocolate. I bet I will gain like 10 pounds when I come over this June. Did I tell you that yet??? How far from Frankfurt do you live?

  3. It's so wonderful when someone you admire in creativity shares with you... a card, a comment on your blog, an email.

    I'm so glad Beate's card tickled you so!

  4. Ohhh that is tooo funny and cute! Yes I agree Beate does some amazing work, then again so do you girly!!!


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