Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Craft CritiquePen and Marker Carnival!

Looky...I made the latest Craft Critique Carnival!! Thanks guys for thinking my card was worthy!!

Sorry I have no photos for you all today...I am having a rather nasty allergic reaction to some antibiotics, so no stamping, no photo taking, nothing.

However, I DID have a wonderful mail day today!! I got my May Arts ribbon from Jody Morrow's April ribbon share, and it is absolutely GAWGEOUS!

And, even better, I got the most incredible birthday gift from my bday, blogging and Diva buddy Yvette! It's the most amazing thing, and I promise I will take photos tomorrow once this antihistamine finally makes me stop itching!!

Thanks for coming by today...and I promise I'll get back on track soon!



  1. YEAH! So glad you finally got it - I was starting to get worried that it got lost along the way somewhere. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good - hope you stop itching soon.

  2. Hi Jana! You've been tagged! I was tagged by Paris at

    I love your tag 5 of your favorites!

  3. have been tagged!

  4. yea! Great job - your card was beautiful!

  5. Poor you Jana! Feel better soon!


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