Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been tagged again!

Nancy over at Nancy's Creative Mess has tagged me - this time to list 7 things about myself. Then I have to tag 7 others - so I'll look for a few who haven't been tagged with this one yet!

1. This is the longest I've gone without a paying job since I was about 15. I haven't worked "for pay" in almost 2 years now (SU! doesn't count since it never actually "paid" as hubby would say)

2. I knew about 5 German words before we made the decision to move to Germany. Since then I've learned a few more....but REALLY need to get working at it since my 4-year-old daughter is now having to translate for me!!

3. I was actually living with another guy when I met my husband (at work) and we became good friends. He was quite thrilled when I told him I was leaving the other guy and quickly swooped in to scoop me up!

4. I used to be a total TV junky, but I haven't watched much TV for about 3 years now because A) I finally realized it's not that good, B) I'd rather spend that time stamping, and now C) all the TV here is in German (so perhaps I SHOULD be watching, might learn something!)

5. Quite possibly my favorite vacation with my hubby was when we drove across the US in a 10 year-old truck we had just bought from my dad. We had so much fun seeing parts of the country we'd never seen before, and can't wait to do a trip like that with our daughter (altho I think we'll be driving her across France before the US at this point!)

6. My first "real" job (not counting babysitting) was at Burger King. I started just before my 16th birthday and continued there through high school. And that's where I met my first boyfriend.

7. I have been using the Internet since I was 14 years old (that's 22 years!!!!!) back then it was called "bitnet" and it was almost exclusively university computer geeks! I chatted with guys around the world, and would stay up chatting until 3 or 4 in the morning. My parents got a little upset when I got photos (totally innocent photos!) from a 6'6" 30+ year old guy in Pennsylvania. My "handle" for the chat rooms was "Baby" since Dirty Dancing had just come out.

Ok, so now I'm going to tag Linda, Gina, Yvette, Rachel, Stephanie, Jenny, & Julie


  1. Amazing things that you find out by reading your "grown-up baby's" confessions on her stampin' blog. We will discuss a couple of those "things" on the phone!!!! And, not only is she not as proficient in German as the 4 year-old sweetie, but in Paris it seemed that at times her French failed her and she kept throwing in German words. She was really funny !!!! So - - Stephanie, watch out what you write, 'cause I know your Mom is reading too!!!

  2. Too funny Jana!! My first job was at BK too - I was 15! I'll have to think up some interesting tidbits before I get going! :) This is a fun one!

  3. Loved seeing the 7 things...always nice to see the little things you didn't know...although it doesn't surprise me that Julia is more proficient in German...she is tooo smart!! And I love seeing all the wonderful cards you Bella!!!

  4. so does this mean that I need to post 7 things about myself on my blog now? I'm glad I read this!! LOL


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