Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally caught up!

I'm finally caught up on all my blogs. Sorry I didn't always comment, I was speed reading trying to get my google reader count down to 0. It seemed to be stuck on 100+ for a VERY long time!!

So, I was just looking at the incredible new designer paper Stampin' Up! will have in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2007 catalog - and I just love the paisleys!! So then I started thinking...wouldn't it just be the COOLEST thing if they had a paisley brass template to match the Polka Dots & Paisleys stamp set??? I mean, would that not be the most fun thing ever to emboss???

Ok, I know, I need to go to bed. Still no stamping done, but hubby should be home from Tel Aviv in the next hour or so. Yeah!! (he left for Tel Aviv less than 6 hours after we got to our house from the Barcelona trip!)

Oh yeah...I changed my photo over on the right also. It showcases my new shorter hair (thanks mom!!) and was taken from the top of the Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona. You can see some of the city's skyline, and the Mediterranean Sea in the background. I LOVE Barcelona!!!



  1. Love your new hair cut!!! That was sweet of your mom. I hear ya about the paisley template...that would be so-oo-oo awesome!!!

  2. Looks as if you're having a great time - had to look twice to recognize you with that new haircut! : )

  3. Love the new doo...and I'm jealous with all your world traveling you're doing right now!

    I too am SUPER excited for the new catalog...brass templates, that woudl mean I'd have to actually use my light table that I've had for five years and have probably used like 2-3 times! LOL!


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