Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Technical Difficulties...

My banner was posted and looking Firefox! However, Alistamps kindly pm'd me over on SCS to let me know that it was NOT working so well in Internet Explorer. Figures Microsoft would be the one to screw me up! So...until I work that issue out...I've pulled down my beautiful banner Stephanie made me. Watch for its return soon!



  1. I did see your beautiful banner (without being able to see anything else on your blog...) - hope you get it figured out soon. You know of course if you do it I have to do it too :oP You could def stick a bookplate sentiment in the bottom corner of the card - love it as always :o)

  2. Hey Jana, it did look nice but was off to the side, we'll watch for it's return.

    On another note, your previous post with the bella . . . I cannot seem to find the comment button??? Is it my computer or is it MIA??? I do love the card though! Great job with the cuttlebuggin!


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