Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Three times I'm it?

I got tagged three times while I was sleeping last night. First by Michelle, a wonderful artist over at Painted Desert Serenade. Then again by Alison (whom we all know and love) at Stampin When I Can. And when I was making up my list of 5 favs, I discovered that Julie Masse over at Stampin With Julie tagged me too (and she's also forcing me to get Green Thumb from Paper Trey Ink with all her beautiful creations!!)

I'm only allowed to list 5 of my favorites, and right now I have 84 subscriptions (YIKES!) and I have to admit I'm pretty far behind after being out of town for a few days!

So, going alphabetically (How google lists them) here are a very small number of my favs:

Blogabella: Emily is just so much fun! Her blog is always full of wonderful chatty stuff and never fails to makeme laugh. Not to mention her incredible Bellas that she creates! We ALL love them!!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie is another that I always check out. Stephanie has become a wonderful friend of mine over the past few months, and I love catching up on what she's creating, either herself or with her daughters!

Kyla Maestas's Sweetwater Designs is another of my favorites. I've "known" Kyla for a few years now through her online group Stamping Diva's, and she's such a wonderfully talented stamp artist - not to mention a very nice person as well!

Erika's Stampin' Mama blog is always a fun read. She has wonderful projects, tutorials, and her scrapbook pages are always amazing! And, she's a fellow New Englander to boot! Can't beat that.

And for one more, Yvette's Cyber Spot. She's another Diva sister - and she's from Down Under (but lives in Knoxville!). Her work continually inspires me, and I'm sure it will you as well!


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  1. Awwwww how sweet!!! I am flattered. I really feel the same too, funny how we have known each other for so long yet seemed to have just really connected.



    (I check both your blogs daily too)


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