Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Jana Needs...

So, I'm a "me too" person! And when I saw this on Nancy's blog, I just had to try as well!! I typed "Jana needs" into Google, and here are the top 10 responses:

Jana Needs
...Your Help (isn't that the truth!)
...psychotropic medications (hope not!) get her butt in here (can I send it on it's own? Then maybe what I have left will be normal sized!) agent (stardom here I come!) badly (ain't that the truth, I only brought like 6 pair to Germany, perhaps in Italy at the end of the month?) balance her upper and lower body and work on quad width as viewed from the front (whatever!)
...them by August 27th (and don't be late!)
...a singer (I'll have 2 on Sunday when my "sisters" call to wish me a happy bday!)
the java virtual machine for the monitor function (java, yes, virtual machine? Think not!)

Try it out's fun!

I"m all packed for Barcelona. 3 days of child-free bliss with my hubby. And doesn't it figure, the weather here in Germany will be in the mid-high 70's and sunny, while in Spain it will be rainy and high 50's!!! Oh well...who needs the sun - I'll have better things to do ! :-)

I'll post a card before I leave, and will try to post once or twice while gone. Hubby is bringing his laptop to check email, so I can check/update my blog! Hah!


  1. Love it! I'm off to try it for myself. Have a wonderful weekend away!

  2. Have a great time Jana! Can you email me your address??

  3. SO I tried to google...Lana I'm pretty depressed. I get:
    TO get a life
    TO get a hobby
    TO die in a fire
    TO be killed off
    Guess no one like the Lana on Smallville??? LOL Sheesh...I sure hope no one thinks all those of me! Have a good weekend!
    ~Lana B.~

  4. I can't even look at the words that come under my name! Sheez! Never doing that again lol.

  5. I tried it...and got something different (mind you, our names are spelled the same *smiles) it was fun.... take care!

  6. What's ironic: my name is Jana, and I'm about to try the whole google thing... it's a little different now than last year, but still pretty cool!!

    Best Jana!!



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