Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another card from Michelle

German Phrase of the Day: Kase isst man immer am Schluss. = You always eat the cheese at the end (of the meal). In our house, the cheese often is the meal, at least at dinner time. We follow the German custom of having our main meal for lunch (since dh is usually home and not on the phone then) and just have bread, meat, cheese and fruit for dinner. Oh...and Kase (supposed to have the 2 dots over the a) is pronounced KAY -zeh. Another of my favorites! :-)

I think I'll have to have Michelle be an official guest designer for my blog since she sends me so many beautiful cards! Here's another she sent as a thank you recently...and I can't even remember what it was for! (I could go back upstairs and get the card to read it, but that would take energy and I'm trying to get these all ready before we leave tomorow...and I still need to clean!!)

Anyhow, she used some of the little mini rhinestones I sent to her in her flower centers...aren't they cute?? And I really like the ribbon! This is actually one of Michelle's simpler designs, and I'm very proud of her!! Thanks as always Michelle!! Miss you!


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