Friday, July 13, 2007

Thanks Karin!!

German Phrase of the Day: Die Melone duftet herrlich. = The smell of the melon is wonderful.

I got this adorable card from my friend (and former customer) Karin who lives in London now. I haven't been over to visit hr yet, but I'm hopeful I'll get to see her soon.

Anywho...she sent me this adorable Stamping Bella card, and enclosed some GORGEOUS silk flowers for me to play wtih (you'll see the results tomorow!) And the had the incredible idea of spritzing the flower using the Color Spritzer tool. How brilliant is she???

We're heading up to Berlin was Julia's last day of Kindergarten before a 3-week break. I'm hopeful I'll survive and still get some time during these three weeks to blog for you all! If she hasn't run me completely out of energy. And this time, I do have posts already to maybe I'll even get a blog baby-sitter to publish them for me if I can't.

Thanks...and I'll write more when I can!



  1. Awesome idea about spritzing the flower. I just received my Pretties Kit last night so I'll be playing around with that this weekend. Have a great trip!

  2. So glad it arrived and that you like!

    So, when you going to come across to visit me here in London? There is a stamp store right beside the British Museum - perfect opportunity :)

    Cheers my dear,

  3. Neato idea with the flower & of course gotta luv those bellas;)




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