Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm back!

German Phrase of the Day: Ich benötige einen Job. = I need a job. Which I really do need to pay for all the new SU! stuff I HAVE to have. How sad am I? I went through the catalog and created my wishlist. I haven't even added the entire thing up...just those things that I need on the FIRST order...those things I can't wait too long to get. Wanna know the total? $500!!! I can't believe it! As I always say...good thing my husband doesn't read this thing! ;-)

So...guess what??? My GinaK blog candy arrived!! Is this not awesome??? I can't wait to go play with these adorable stamps! I'll be making a belated Happy 4th card this afternoon for sure. She even sent me some easy mount to mount them cool is that? Ok...I'll post the card as soon as I get it made. I actually got the idea while browsing another Gina's good friend GinaP!

Thanks GinaK!!


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  1. Awww, I'm so blushing right now! You're super lucky to get the blog candy with the fireworks... I'm DYING for fireworks!! Eh, I do my best with what I have, though. Have a wonderful Saturday!!!


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