Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't bother me now...

German Phrase of the Day: Ich lese gerade ein Buch. = I am reading a book right now. So...go away! I mean really...I can't believe people are actually blog surfing today when the latest Harry Potter book just became available. Over 2 million Americans are getting their copy today from Amazon alone! So...what are you doing in front of your computer??

Ok, for those of you still here, this is a name sign I made for Julia last summer when visiting my wonderful friend and upline, Rachel before we moved over here to Germany. The new chipboard letters had just come out, and she was teaching us all how to cover them, stamp on them, and emboss them. Isn't this just adorable?? I really loved this paper, and the colors are perfect for my non-pink little girl. Well, she does like pink, but as she says, she likes ALL the colors. Oh...and have I told you her other recent saying? She told her daddy one day that the sun was shining like "100 glitter glues." She makes me so proud!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed I'm off to buy my book!



  1. Hey girl...that is too cute! Got my book today too:) Hope all is well, things are sooo busy here right now.




  2. Love your daughter's comment. too cute.

  3. Too cute! I need to do some of those for my kids.
    UGH on the Harry Potter book! LOL I could never get into HP but my husband and step-daughter love them. I had ordered the book for her through Amazon and the mail carrier rang the doorbell and said she was concerned about leaving it outside because it said "Harry Potter" on the outside of the box. I couldn't believe my stepdaughter actually set it aside to finish the book the she was already reading! WHOA!

  4. I love the name frame that you made using the chipboard letters. It is very pretty. :)



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