Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks Michelle!!

German Phrase of the Day: Du musst das Fleisch noch salzen. = You have to put salt on the meat. Fleisch is pronounced fliesh. My daily calendar seems to be on a cooking theme this week, so I figured I'd stick with it.

Today's card was a beautiful thank you card from my friend Michelle. She always send me beautiful cards, and they always make me smile. We used to stamp together every week practically, since her older boy is about the same age as Julia, and I miss our stamping sessions. The kids would go off and play (most likely making a HUGE mess) and we wouldn't worry about it because we were having fun.

One of Michelle's favorite techniques is shaving cream...and I think her second favorite might be the faux shaving cream she used here. She sent this card back with dh as a thanks for the German wine and chocolate I sent for her. She doesn't have a blog yet, but I've been bugging her that she needs one! She does have a Stampin' Up! site though, so go see more of her work there!

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